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DCRES in & by itself explains a lot about the company, visioning technically customized solutions in Design, Construction, Retrofitting & Engineering Services. One stop solutions for all Engineering & Construction challenges.



  • Terrace Thermal Protection Coatings

  • Complete Building Protection Coatings

  • Waterproofing - From Basements to Terraces.

  • Special Coatings - Floor Polymer, PU & Epoxy based coatings

  • Retrofitting & Rehabilation

  • Project & Construction Management

  • Product Development

  • Construction Software & App Development

We Specialize


In making your Homes, Offices, Institutions - All free of dampness & leakages from Terraces, Balconies, Walls, Waterbodies, Basements, Swimming Pools .. & Just everything.

We beautify your terraces with coloured waterproofing, to match your thoughts and themes, to provide greenery or earthliness or even glorify your spaces. If nothing we provide a roof top that's cool for all seasons...






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Recent Projects


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